Who’s Behind King Of The Tone

Hello there! This is Adrian, founder of this awesome website 🙂

As you will learn if you read some of my posts, I’m a freak of effects pedals, guitars, and amps.

I’ve been playing the electric guitar since I’m 14 and I’ve never EVER stopped since.

Another of my greatest hobbies have been always been playing around with electronics, building some robots with Arduino and that staff… until one day I managed to merge both passions building my own Tube Screamer clone, buying the electronics components and soldering up together.

Why This Blog?

Back when I began taking my first steps with the electric guitar, I faced one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever had: building my pedalboard.

What pedals should I buy? What’s the difference between reverb, delay, and chorus? And between distortion and overdrive? Why should I get an analog pedal over a digital one?

In short, the question I’d ask myself over and over was how could I get the sound of any of my idols (Slash, Hendrix, SRV, Lynch, Gary Moore).

I ended up buying the first shiny thing of the moment without knowing what the heck I was buying. And then I entered into a buy/sell cycle, trying to find the pedals that fitted me best.

It really took me a while (some years probably) until I started to learn when, why and how to use each type of effects pedal.

And I truly believe that all the overhead and confusion I went through were totally unnecessary to get what I needed.

That’s the main reason I want to help people to find the best pedals for their needs and most importantly, to learn all about each effects type.

I hope you find this blog as useful as I find it rewarding 🙂


Founder of King Of The Tone